Call an Emergency Meeting in Vampire Survivors’ New Among Us-Themed DLC, Available Today

  • Embark on a brand-new adventure with 9 new playable characters
  • Explore the Polus Replica map, a reproduction of a popular Among Us map
  • Battle with 15 new weapons, and rack up 20 new achievements

Hello, Xbox Wire readers! We hope you’ve completed your tasks, as our next DLC, Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting, is out today! If you hadn’t guessed already (or read the headline), it features characters, items and hilarious gags from Among Us, courtesy of our friends at Innersloth.

So, what’s new? Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting adds a new map, 9 new characters, 15 new weapons, 6 new music tracks, 1 new Adventure, 20 in-game-only achievements, and space ducks. Obviously. 

Did we say new map? We meant a BRAND NEW map! Named Polus Replica, it’s an eerily accurate reproduction of the scientific base on Polus, featuring multiple bizarre biomes ripe for exploration by Survivors and Crewmates with tasks and treasure chests galore. Unfortunately, it’s also being invaded by your average space dwellers, like aliens and robots. Oh, and those space ducks. Expect the unexpected and do NOT trust the bins. Never trust the bins. Or the chicken nuggets. In fact, it’s a good idea to remain alert at all times and not trust anything.

The minute you land on Polus Replica you’ll be blasting away baddies with Among Us tasks turned into powerful weapons. Fire the supermassive sound waves of your Report! weapon, slice angry aliens in half with Lucky Swipe, and drop duplicitous foes to their doom with Just Vent. Survivors of all kinds should seek out one of the new gameplay mechanics we added to the DLC: Mini Crewmates! They will empower your Task-based weaponry (and just offer general companionship, which is nice). 

On top of all this new content, daring Crewmates will also find an Adventure inside the DLC. Adventures are a remixed way to play Vampire Survivors that launched a few weeks ago. Oh, and just like our previous DLCs, Legacy of the Moonspell and Tides of the Foscari, Emergency Meeting will be playable entirely solo or in local co-op for up to 4 players. We can’t take any responsibility for suspicious behavior from your friends, however.

Lastly we want to say a big thanks to Among Us developers Innersloth who helped us a ton to make this happen. We feel our games have a lot in common, as indie games that were discovered and championed by a great community that keeps them going(Also memes)so we couldn’t have thought of a better game and team to make our first collab with! You are the real Crewmates!

That’s it from our side, hope you have fun being the bullet hell… in spaaaace! As always, if you want the latest on all things Vampire Survivors, make sure to follow us on X, head over to our Discord, or follow the Vampire Survivors Official Xbox Clubs page. We promise, there’s nothing suspicious on any of those.

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is out now for Xbox and PC, and Vampire Survivors (base game) is available via Game Pass.