The Last of Us Online – Leaked Image Reveals Main Menu Screen

Naughty Dog recently announced that the ambitious multiplayer title had been cancelled, with the studio instead choosing to focus on single player development.

Fans of The Last of Us’ popular multiplayer mode, Factions, were waiting for several years for Naughty Dog to deliver its ambitious standalone multiplayer game, but recently, the developer announced that the project had officially been cancelled. In the wake of that announcement, a new screenshot of the game has also emerged.

Though it doesn’t show gameplay, it’s our first (and perhaps only) look at the actual game itself. Showcasing the title’s main menu screen, the image shows a woman sitting on a couch and looking out a window with the menu options shown in the foreground, including tabs for a battle pass, a lobby, an in-game store, and what are referred to as the “study” and the “bunk”. The image was shared on ResetEra by prominent leaker Dusk Golem.

Naughty Dog has said that it cancelled The Last of Us Online because supporting the project would have meant becoming an exclusively live service studio, something it didn’t wish to do. The developer is currently working on multiplayer single player narrative-driven games.