God of War Ragnarok’s Story isn’t Done Even After Valhalla, Developer Teases

“You really think the credits are the end of the story?” senior writer Orion Walker teases in the wake of Valhalla’s launch.

God of Ragnarok: Valhalla has launched, mere days after its surprise announcement at The Game Awards, bringing a free, story-driven roguelite mode to the acclaimed action-adventure title that serves as an epilogue to the base game’s story. Interestingly enough, however, it seems the game’s story still might not be done.

That’s as per a tease recently dropped on Twitter by Orion Walker, senior writer at SIE Santa Monica Studio, who has suggested that there’s still more story to be told after credits are rolled on the recently-released free DLC.

“You really think the credits are the end of the story?” Walker wrote. “C’mon. C’mon now.”

Given the fact that God of War Ragnarok was confirmed to be the final instalment in the series’ Norse mythology saga, it’s certainly surprising to see Santa Monica Studio continuing to tell stories in that setting- though the game itself did, of course, leave plenty of unresolved threads that suggested that that would be the case.

What exactly Walker is referring to is, however, still unclear. Earlier this year, leaks claimed that a God of War Ragnarok expansion (or a standalone spinoff similar to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales) was in the works, and though some have speculated that Valhalla was the DLC in question, it’s worth pointing out that the leak mentioned said DLC wouldn’t be releasing in 2023.

Either way, it’s clear that God of War Ragnarok isn’t the conclusive final act of the Norse saga that some had thought it would be. Exactly what it will lead to for the franchise remains to be seen.

God of War Ragnarok is available on PS5 and PS4. It has sold over 15 million units worldwide.