Wartales Exits Early Access on April 12

Shiro Games’ turn-based tactics RPG will receive its full launch next month, having launched in early access in December 2021.

Shiro Games’ turn-based tactics RPG Wartales launched in Steam Early Access in December 2021, and though it hasn’t been the most high profile game out there, those who’ve played it will gladly tell you that it’s continuously shown great promise since day one, which has only been helped by the fact that the developer has released multiple major updates to keep adding to the game.

Now, a full launch date for the RPG has also been confirmed. Shiro Games has announced that Wartales will receive its 1.0 launch less than a month from now, on April 12. The developer hasn’t yet confirmed what new content the game will be adding with its 1.0 release or what its new price will be following its full launch, but it was previously confirmed that it would receive a “small” price increase upon exiting early access. Check out its release date announcement trailer below.

Wartales is available on PC. It remains to be seen whether console versions are also planned.