God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla Dev Team Couldn’t Clear its Toughest Endgame Challenge – Co-Director

The upcoming rogue-lite mode features five difficulty options, with “Show Me Mastery” being the most challenging (and rewarding).

God of War Ragnarok is getting some meaty free DLC on December 12th with Valhalla. It adds a rogue-lite mode where Kratos ventures into the depths of Valhalla, challenging enemies and specializing in different weapons and abilities in order to survive. While players will deal with new combinations of enemies, there are also some “surprises” in store.

One of these seems to be an overwhelming endgame challenge which even the development team has yet to complete on the highest difficulty, “Show Me Mastery”, per co-director Mihir Sheth on Twitter. “I am so, so curious to see how quickly players will humble us…as they often do… but maybe this time we’ve beaten them?”

Valhalla offers five difficulty options, which increase the rewards gained from battles. However, you can change between runs, rather than being locked into a single difficulty throughout, like the base game. The question now is what the challenge could be. Perhaps fighting the two toughest endgame bosses from Ragnarok at the same time? We’ll have to wait and find out.