WILD HEARTS Update is Live With Grimstalker, Fulgent Armor and New Weapons

A new content update arrives on April 6th, adding the fox Kemono Murakomo, new weapons and armor, a new Karakuri and more.

Omega Force’s WILD HEARTS has received another content update for March, adding the new Grimstalker sub-species Kemono to the game. Defeating it allows for crafting new weapons and the Fulgent Armor set from its materials, but it won’t be easy.

Located on Natsukodachi Isle, Grimstalker is capable of manipulating fire and water. It uses the latter in normal circumstances, but when enraged, it dips into its bag of flaming tricks. Elemental Lanterns are good against both states, so go all out.

Three new quests have been added, like battling Kingtusk and Icetusk with only two lives or hunting Mighty Dreadclaw, Pearlbeak and Lavaback in one quest. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, head to Akikure Canyon and defeat Amaterasu without dying once. Each quest victory grants a new Chat Stamp and Emote as a reward.

WILD HEARTS will receive even more content on April 6th with Murakomo, a fox Kemono that manipulates petals, and new weapons and armor. There’s also the Spinning Top Karakuri and Limit Break system to look forward to.