Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide is 10 Hours Long, PC Version Could Include DLC

The second paid DLC will delve into the “mystery of Leviathan” and offer new actions. An SSD is also recommended for the PC version.

With Echoes of the Fallen available for Final Fantasy 16, Square Enix is working towards the game’s second paid DLC – The Rising Tide. It’s out in Spring 2024, and as seen in the recent trailer, it features Leviathan as a new Eikon battle. While the first DLC is shorter, the second promises ten hours of gameplay, per a Famitsu interview.

Speaking to the publication (translation via DeepL), Echoes of the Fallen director Takeo Kujiraoka said it talks about “the mystery of Leviathan”, depicted with other Eikons but has remained unseen for decades. There will also be new actions from the Eikon, from “orthodox” skills that enhance abilities to those that affect “the summoner’s feet.”

The developer also discussed the PC version and how it hopes to have it ready to play with the DLC. It asked fans to wait “a little longer” for release date announcements for both. The requirements will be revealed later, but producer Naoki Yoshida confirms you’ll need an SSD.

“Even if we do our best to adjust the GPU, it is very difficult to use an HDD for Final Fantasy 16, a game where loading speed is of the essence. Of course, we will do our best to optimize as much as possible, but we can’t do anything about the hardware barrier on our own, so please consider an SSD a must. We will announce the exact recommended specs at another time.”

Final Fantasy 16 is available for PS5, with its exclusivity window ending on December 31st, 2023. Check out our review here. As for a potential sequel or spin-off, Yoshida confirmed in the same interview that there are no plans since the development team has disbanded to work on other projects. Never say never, though.