Visions of Mana Isn’t Open World, But It Does Have ‘Vast’ Semi-Open Areas

Square Enix has spilled a few more beans on Visions of Mana, the freshly announced, brand new instalment in the storied Mana series. For starters, this won’t be an open world adventure. Questions were raised regarding the game’s scope when its debut trailer showed off some huge environments, but no, it’s not quite that big.

Still, it does sound like there’ll be a lot of exploration. Square Enix is using the term “semi-open” to describe the title’s world, with “vast areas” that are “packed with secrets to discover and enemies to battle”. If you played the relatively recent Trials of Mana remake, we would assume that the environments in Visions of Mana will be similar — just a lot bigger.

The developer’s also dropped some story details. The main character is a fiery young man named Val, who joins his childhood friend on a journey to the Tree of Mana. We’re expecting a charmingly old school narrative from this one.