LEGO Fortnite is Live; New Gameplay Showcases Combat, Building, and Exploration

Epic Games also confirms that new features, “world building”, and LEGO Style Outfits will arrive in free updates starting in early 2024.

LEGO Fortnite, a survival crafting experience within Epic Games’ Fortnite, is live on all platforms. After the cinematic trailer, some new gameplay debuted, showcasing what it’s like to run around, gather materials and flee from skeletons and angry wolves. Check it out below.

LEGO Fortnite supports up to seven players, and you start with nothing before making some tools and gathering resources from the surrounding area. As you build a base and craft more items, you can make swords, shields and crossbows to take on enemies. Combat has mechanics like dodge-rolling and blocking and looks pretty fluid.

Once you’ve geared up enough, venture into nearby caves and other hidden locations to find rare materials. Alternatively, you can hire villagers to help gather for you. The world is 95 square kilometers, 19 times the size of the Battle Royal Island.

Epic Games says that updates will add more features, “world building”, and LEGO Style Outfits starting from early 2024.