Access Controller for PS5 is Out Now

The dedicated accessibility controller retails for $89.99 and includes control profiles, various stick and button caps, and much more.

Sony’s Access Controller for PS5 is now available worldwide for $89.99. It’s the first dedicated accessibility controller from the company and offers a wide degree of options. Check out the latest trailer below, with various experts sharing their thoughts on its release.

The Access Controller offers multiple options to fit different players, like button mapping with 30 control profiles, analog stick and button caps, the option to connect switches and more. You can arrange buttons differently and use AMPS mounts and tripods to secure the controller.

Buttons can be toggled or disabled, adjust deadzones, stick sensitivity, etc. You can use the Access Controller by itself or with the DualSense, with another player able to help out with the latter.

Sony and Logitech will also release an adaptive gaming kit in January 2024 for $79.99 to further add to the Access Controller’s functionality.