Sega is Teasing an Announcement for The Game Awards

Alluding to a “new era”, Sega has urged fans to tune in to The Game Awards on December 7.

With The Game Awards now less than a week away, we’ll likely be getting details on several announcements and reveals that are planned for the event in the coming days. In fact, it looks like Sega is going to have some important news to share.

Content creator Curiosjoi recently took to Twitter to share a video of a letter from Sega she recently received in the mail, which touts a “new era” and “new energy” and urges fans to tune in to The Game Awards on December 7. Meanwhile, responding to the tweet, The Game Awards creator, producer, and host Geoff Keighley has further stoked the flames with the good old googly eyes emoji, adding, “It’s only just beginning.”

It was claimed in leaks last year that as part of its “super game” initiative, Sega had greenlit big-budget live service reboots of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, while early development gameplay footage of the former also allegedly leaked earlier this year. Could one of those two titles be what Sega is bringing to the show next week?

As you might expect, Sega isn’t expected to be the only major player with a presence at The Game Awards, with Microsoft also recently having teased “important announcements” for the event.