Dwarf Fortress – Adventure Mode Arrives in April 2024

New features include character faces, conversations, a revamped world map and improvements to combat mechanics like wrestling.

Bay 12 Games’ Dwarf Fortress was a massive success when it launched on Steam in December 2022, selling 630,000 copies as of March 2023. After a long wait, the developer finally confirmed that Adventure Mode would launch in April 2024. Check out the newest trailer below, courtesy of PC Gamer.

While regular Dwarf Fortress is about building and maintaining a fort of dwarves, Adventure Mode is more of a role-playing game campaign. You create a character and roam a procedurally generated world with various forts, towns, factions and more. It’s even possible to traverse one of your worlds from Fortress Mode.

Some of the more interesting changes include characters having faces, thanks to the procedural portrait system. You can also converse with characters and form a party to explore the world. Even the world map has changed, with towns, homes and roads being more easily visible. Combat is also seeing some changes, particularly with wrestling. Stay tuned for more details on Adventure Mode in the coming months.