F-Zero 99 is Adding Classic Mode on November 29

Though still multiplayer, Classic Mode will see players participating in 20-player races with rules matching the original SNES title.

F-Zero fans have been starved for another glimpse of the futuristic racing franchise for years on end, so the launch of free-to-play battle royale racer F-Zero 99 in September came as welcome respite for them. Since its launch, Nintendo has also expanded the game with some new content offerings, and will be doing so once again imminently.

The company has announced on its official Japanese website that it will be releasing update 1.1.0 for F-Zero 99 tomorrow, on November 29, to add a new Classic Mode to the game. Unlike the 99-player battle royale mode that serves as the game’s main attraction, Classic Mode will instead focus on 20-player online races, with rules similar to the original F-Zero game for SNES.

That means your turbo boost will revert to being single-use, earned upon the completion of each lap, while the Skyway track and the spin attack move will also be removed. Meanwhile, knocking players off the track also won’t result in Power Meter increases. Nintendo has also confirmed that unlike the main mode, Classic Mode will run at an aspect ratio of 4:3.

Update 1.1.0 will also bring Lucky Cards, which will record your cars and standings for the last five races. At the end of those five races, if your recorded data matches with the number and car on the back of your Lucky Card, you’ll earn bonus tickets, experience points, and additional rewards.

F-Zero 99 is available on Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play title for all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.