Silent Hill 2 Remake Studios Says New Details are up to Konami, “Communication is Part of Their Job”

Bloober Team also clarifies that the remake has not been cancelled, despite the lack of new information since its announcement last year.

Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2, a remake of Konami’s classic psychological horror title, is in development. However, there haven’t been many big announcements for it in recent months. Its Steam page has seen updates, and Konami recently clarified that the leaked “special origin story” for Pyramid Head is “incorrect,” but nothing on a release date.

Fortunately, Bloober Team took to Twitter to confirm that it hasn’t been cancelled. Regarding new details, a fan asked when we could expect them or whether it’s up to Konami. The developer affirmed the latter, adding, “Konami is the publisher of the game, and communication is definitely part of their job.”

While it clarified earlier this year that the remake wasn’t ready for release, there could be an announcement soon, especially with The Game Awards 2023 happening on December 7th. Regardless, with 2024 around the corner, an official update will likely arrive, so stay tuned.

Silent Hill 2 is coming to PC and PS5. It’s a timed exclusive for Sony’s console, reportedly for 12 months, and sports no loading screens.