Tribes Franchise is Getting a New Game Developed by Prophecy Games, Playtest Slated for November 29

The Tribes franchise seems to be set for a major revival with a new game developed by Prophecy Games.

The classic shooter franchise Tribes is getting revived with a new game. Developed by Prophecy Games, the new Tribes title is currently gearing up for playtests, invitations for which are being released through the game’s official Discord channel, according to FPS-Z. The playtests are slated for November 29 and 30.

The game, a follow-up to Tribes: Ascend, is being developed by a studio that was originally founded under the umbrella of Hi-Rez studio, which originally worked on Tribes: Ascend before it moved on to other titles. Prophecy Games has since gone on to become an independent studio.

Details on the game are currently quite sparse aside from a few screenshots released on the game’s Discord channel. Going by these screenshots, however, it looks like the new Tribes game will follow tradition in being a movement-focused multiplayer shooter with unique weapons.

One of the core things that set the Tribes games apart from its contemporaries, as well as to many modern multiplayer shooters, is its emphasis on fast-paced movement with massive maps featuring team-based game modes like Capture the Flag.

The new Tribes title seems to be under development on PC.