Zenless Zone Zero Showcases Billy’s Dual Pistols and Abilities in New Trailer

The Starlight Knight wannabe unleashes rapid attacks with dual pistols, piercing enemies with extensive Physical damage.

miHoYo Games has released a new trailer for Zenless Zone Zero, focusing on Billy Kid, one of its many playable characters. As a member of the Cunning Hares, he’s a cyborg who uses dual pistols to wreak havoc on enemies. Check out how he plays (and interacts with his guns) below.

Billy’s Basic Attack pierces enemies with Physical damage, while his Special Attack unleashes three piercing attacks in a line while resisting any interruption from enemies. His EX Special Attack also pieces enemies in a line but makes him invulnerable. Starlight Sparkle is his Ultimate and deals piercing Physical damage to all enemies in a large area.

Zenless Zone Zero doesn’t have a launch date, but sign-ups for its closed beta are currently available on PC, iOS and Android. It will offer new areas, characters and other mechanics to try out.