Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is Available to Wishlist on Steam

New players can redeem 3,000 Blue Crystals, a five-star weapon Guaranteed Draw Ticket, 30 Draw Tickets and other free goodies.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, a remake of the classic RPG for mobile devices, is coming to PC. It’s available to wishlist now on Steam, with Square Enix stating that a release date will be announced “later.”

As a free-to-play turn-based RPG, Ever Crisis incorporates content from multiple titles in the series, from the original game and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 to the defunct battle royale title The First Soldier. There’s also some brand-new content, including a new story centered on Sephiroth.

There are also gacha mechanics, with players able to roll for different versions of characters and higher-rarity weapons. Newcomers on PC can obtain 3,000 Blue Crystals, a Guaranteed Draw Ticket for a five-star weapon, 30 Draw Tickets, a Gear Voucher, two Jumpstart Item Sets, two five-star Zweihander and one five-star Apology in Hell.

You can redeem these in-game from the Gift Box once the game goes live. New players on iOS and Android will get the same rewards, but since they’re the same as the pre-registration goodies on mobile, existing players won’t get them.