Against the Storm Launches December 8th, Releasing Day One on PC Game Pass

The rogue-lite city-builder will exit Steam Early Access and add a new Iron Man-style mode, Queen’s Hand, and balance changes.

Eremite Games’ Against the Storm, a roguelite city-builder, is exiting Steam Early Access on December 8th. It’s also launching day one on PC Game Pass. Check out the announcement trailer, which also explains how the game works.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by an all-consuming Storm, players assume the role of the Viceroy, who must venture into the wild on the Scorched Queen’s orders. Their goal is to find the Smoldering City, building various settlements along the way. The catch is that you can only choose a specific set of upgrades during a “run” and must do enough to gain the Queen’s approval before progressing.

With Update 1.0, experienced players can play Queen’s Hand – a trial that involves reforging the Adamantine Seal. Permadeath is enabled, so if a single settlement fails, all upgrades are forfeited, and you need to start over. This is in addition to balance changes, UX improvements, bug fixes and more.