PS Plus Premium Poised to Add Another Classic Disney Game

While not every publisher has been supportive of Sony’s drive to bring emulated PS1 and PSP games to PS Plus Premium, Disney has been a surprise ally. And it looks like another of its old tie-ins could be coming to PS5 and PS4 in the near future, as Gematsu spotted the Taiwanese ratings board has added a listing for Pixar’s Up.

It’s highly likely this will be an emulated version of the PSP game, which was developed by Asobo Studio – the team behind A Plague Tale: Innocence – and released alongside the movie in 2009. Disney has already released an emulated version of Toy Story 3 on Sony’s modern consoles, which is available as part of PS Plus Premium.

Perhaps the only downside to Disney’s re-releases is that they don’t currently include Trophies like Sony’s own first-party ports. Still, we’d personally prefer to have a wide selection of games available – even if they don’t all include Trophies. If you’d like to learn more about the gameplay of Up, you can check out an old PSP playthrough here.

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