A PSVR2 Demo for Toy Soldier Puzzler Tin Hearts Has Marched onto PS Store

Tin Hearts arrived on PS5 and PS4 back in May of this year, and we rather liked it, calling it a “charming” Lemmings-like puzzle title in our review. While it’s a fine experience on a flat screen, though, the concept has a lot of promise as a PSVR2 game — and support for Sony’s current-gen headset is “coming soon” as a free update to the PS5 version.

In the meantime, you can try out the game in virtual reality starting today. The free playable PSVR2 demo for Tin Hearts is now available on PS Store. It lets you play six of the full game’s levels in virtual reality. You can get a good idea of how it plays from the above video — basically, if you like Lemmings, you’ll probably enjoy this, and the added layer of virtual reality looks like it ties in quite nicely.

Anyway, will you be playing the PSVR2 demo for Tin Hearts?