Lords of the Fallen: HexWorks in the Process of Separating Balancing Between PvE and PvP

Following this week’s massive Lords of the Fallen patch, developer HexWorks has announced that the studio is in the process of separating the balancing changes for PvE (player vs environment) and PvP (player vs player).

“As always, thank you for your feedback regarding the recent balancing changes, particularly those impacting boss weapons and the two overpowered spells.

We understand how this may have caused frustration for some players, especially as now to get the +10, an additional chunk is required. That’s why we’ve reduced its value in the Shrine of Orius, and will stay like this from this patch forward.

It’s important to emphasize that these are necessary changes to establish a fairer experience for all players. For context, we noticed players were frustrated when being one-shotted during PVP by invaders using particularly overpowered spells and boss weapons. These weapons and the two spells needed a revision.

Please know that we hear you, and as some of you suggested, we are already in the process of separating the balancing for PVE and PVP to ensure that both aspects of the game can coexist and are optimized for the best possible experience in both modes.

We’ll be sharing more details early next week in our roadmap, along with additional improvements we’re currently working on. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us continue to refine our game, and we appreciate your ongoing patience, passion and support.”

Here’s the full statement from the studio regarding this and other adjustments made:

This should be welcome news for most LOTF players. While there’s no mention of when we should expect this PvP and PvE separation to take effect, I suspect the next patch that’s dished out will reflect this. Speaking of which, there’s no news when the next update will be, but given the cadence on how HexWorks has released these, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new one be released in the coming week.