God of War and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Are Coming to GOG

Lovers of GOG, rejoice. As part of their Haunted Grounds Halloween sale and celebration, gaming storefront GOG.com has announced that God of War and Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will be joining their Sony games collection in the near future. This follows the recent news that Horizon: Forbidden West will be arriving on PC early next year.

GOG announced the news on their official Twitter account this morning:

For those unfamiliar, GOG is beloved by many gamers for its commitment to launcher-free titles and a largely DRM-free library. This means that once you’ve purchased a game on GOG, all you have to do is download the launcher and any extra files and you’ll be able to play it without needing a program like Steam or the Epic Games Store to hold your titles. This makes it more convenient to play your games on multiple devices.

Additionally, the fact that these games are DRM-free means that they don’t require any internet connectivity or account activation to play. Obviously, games that feature online multiplayer will need a way to connect to the game’s servers, but you won’t need to verify any sort of license to play these games via internet. Instead, you can download them, shut your router off, and enjoy them just the same.

There’s currently no date listed for when these two Sony classics will arrive on GOG. When they do arrive, they’ll join Bend Studio’s Days Gone and Guerilla’s Horizon: Zero Dawn as part of GOG’s Sony lineup.